A Little More Aloha

I know I've shoved quite a few posts from Hawaii down your throats lately, and I promise I'm almost done! This should pretty much be the last of them for this trip...so you are safe for a little while. I just can't help it! There are so many great shots we got, and as you know I am bad at narrowing the photos down to just a couple.

The Luau

Here are a few more non-beach shots of the family in Hawaii I wanted to share. I should have got these up sooner, but life just get's a little crazy sometimes. There are some various shots from our Luau. He is so rockin' the turtle tat...and of course she loves a little hula (if it's on stage in front of every one--even better!)


The Beach (Part. 2)

I decided to split the beach photos into two posts since there were so many, and I'm having a horrible time picking just a few. So here are a few more...

The Beach

It's snowing here today, and I must admit I miss the warm beach weather. So here is the first dose of the family at the beach in Hawaii!


Honey, I'm Home!

Yes, it is true that we have returned from Hawaii. In fact we returned to a few days ago, but sometimes it takes a little bit before I can get to my photos. We had a great time, but I'm exhausted and my face is breaking out (it doesn't seem to like the changes in climate!) I'll have more with the family in the next few days! As promised here are some photos...I guess you could call it a little preview!


Hello Hawaii!

Well I'm off to Hawaii today, and am pretty excited. I thought I'd leave you with some superb images of Hawaii by the super talented Rachel Thurston while I'm gone. I'm loving the colors in these!

Since I'll be gone for awhile, I thought I'd also share some from a recent engagement shoot she did also in Hawaii. They are absolutely stunning! (And I can use all the engagement inspiration I can get for an upcoming engagement shoot of my own.)


Korean Vougue

I saw these gorgeous images the other day over at style-files and loved them! The images are by Kim Kyung Soon for Korean Vougue. They are so beautiful, I want to hang them up on my wall.

Paper Heart Garland

So I'm not decorating at all this year for Valentines Day since we won't be around to enjoy it, but if I was I would totally make this. This is such a cute, simple, little craft that you could do with your kids, that will give your house a little Valentine's flair. The instructions are over at How About Orange if you'd like to make your own.


The Vanities Girls

Now it is no secret that I love vintage things, and I get a lot of inspiration from many of the old vintage pin-up artists. So I thought I'd share some of the photos of The Vanities Girls, because I love where Vanity Fair has taken this. If you enjoy these, be sure to check them out because there are tons more, and a new one comes out every month. Since this post is picture heavy, I'll keep the writing to a minimum.


Apologies & Anthropologie

First off let me just start by saying, "Sorry blog. I didn't mean to ignore you...Life just gets kinda crazy sometimes. I promise I will try to make it up to you though." My little sister-in-law just had a stroke (she's only in her early twenties!) and that took priority over everything else. I'm happy to report that she will make a full recovery though, and hopefully be back to her good ol' self in time for her wedding. Now, I also should probably mention that I'm heading to Hawaii here in a couple of days, so the blog is going to be ignored again for a week or so. In the meantime, I will try to get some good posts up before I leave. Then when I return, hopefully I will have some great photos and stories to share!

Now I know I've posted Antrhopologie stuff before (and I most likely will again), but I'm loving the theme for the new catalog, and figured you can't go wrong with Anthropologie. The photography and clothes are perfect, as always!