Father's Day Cookies

All I can say is Amy Atlas is a an absolute genius when it comes to sweets! She finds and does the most creative and fabulous things with food.  These cookies she posted on her blog today are no exception and are so fun! Apparently, you can order them from Eleni's. Maybe we'll make the Dads and Grandpas in our lives some cookies for the big Father's Day around the corner. (Secretly, they're probably more for us though--Sshh! Don't tell them that!) Mine would never be as good as these though...they are almost too perfect to eat!


Nicoletta Ceccoli

My little prince got a book from the library the other day and I was immediately smitten with all of the the illustrations in it. Today I thought I'd spotlight some of the work of the talented illustrator Nicoletta Ceccoli. Her work is so hauntingly beautiful.


Tut Tut...Looks Like Rain

This last weekend ended up being pretty cold and rainy, so much for Summer being in full swing. Honestly, I really don't mind though, because I absolutely positively love the rain. There is just something about it. While thunderstorms and rain clouds may no longer be in the forecast, some of my favorite rainy day photos are.


Some Summer Shots

I realize it's been a little while since I've posted, but I can't really say I'm sorry about it. Where have I been you ask? Well, not sitting here at the computer. I've have been taking full advantage of the finally good weather. I feel like Summer has finally arrived.  I went through and picked out some old shots that are so quintessentially Summer for me, and I don't think I've posted them before (except obviously the first one, but it's still perfect!)

We've pulled out the flip-flops, but you're more likely to catch us barefoot.

And I have three words for you: Sand, Swimming, and Snow Cones...

And this is just the beginning...I've got many more Summer adventures to come!