Spring Break

While I look out my window, it may not actually look like Spring at the moment, but I can feel it in the air. These images from Terrain, a gardening store owned by the same people from Anthropologie, epitomize Spring to me. They make me want to get out and beautify my yard. These are the kinds of things I yearn for my yard to have, maybe someday they'll open a store up out here.

With Spring comes craziness for us. With in the next couple of month we are moving and have weddings galore, some of which we will have to travel for. So my blog may be a little neglected for a while, but do not fear...I will return. I promise I will keep you updated on things, but the posts may not be as frequent as I'd like. Have a Happy Easter! And see you soon, I promise!


Penguins, Poodles and Dragons...Oh My!

This last Friday we went to the aquarium (which is the closest we get to see ocean life here in the middle of Utah.) They just got in a new penguin exhibit, and we loved it! All the cute little penguins were so active and fun to watch. Apparently, it got my little princess thinking...she has decided she needs a penguin, poodle and a dragon (we also went and saw How to Train Your Dragon) for pets. She assures us that this is the perfect combination of pets and they won't be any trouble at all.  Really she is so thoughtful and practical! She has it all arranged, really she's thought of it all. She knows where they will stay, what they will eat, what they will do all day. She isn't even worried about the dragon eating the other pets or burning the house down, because she has informed us she is an excellent trainer and her pets will always be on their best behavior. I must admit I wasn't aware that she had any experience training dragons--or any animal for that matter! See what our kids are capable of -- I must say that I have grossly underestimated them. So if any of you have an extra penguin, poodle, or dragon on your hands, please let me know because we may be interested.


An Edible Easter Bunny

Spring has officially arrived, which means that Easter is just around the corner. I saw the cutest chocolate bunny over at A Cup of Jo, and it made me so happy! Enjoy!


Bridals Preview

So I had to shoot bridals in a blizzard last Saturday. Why it had to snow that day, and only that day (the days surrounding it were beautiful) I will never know. My guess is someone up there likes to stress me out, but we persevered and shot anyways. I'm still a little disappointed that we couldn't go to our other locations and the light was killing me, but we really did get some beautiful shots. It helps when you have a gorgeous bride and groom (and little flower girl!) There will be more to come after the reception (the bride wants the ones she uses to be a surprise--and since her readers could easily stumble over here, I will post with caution.) So let this give you a taste of what is to come if you will, and I will post my favorites later!


Mmmm...Funnel Cake!

Apparently, my sweet tooth is in overdrive today. I couldn't not share my little funnel cake find though. This is one of my knight in shining armor's favorite treats, and believe it or not, it can be quite difficult to find. Imagine my excitement when I saw a recipe for them over at Pioneer Woman. We have tried to make them ourselves before, but seeing this makes me want to try them again. Wow, I better be careful what I eat today...this isn't the healthiest way to start off a morning!

Creative DIY Cakes

The creative minds over at Parenting have come up with some more adorable and oh so yummy cakes to make in the comforts of your own kitchen. I enjoy baking, but I don't bake too often, because it means I  will eat my sweet concoctions. I really may have to try these though--my kids would love it!


Jake and Jen's Engagements!

I thought I'd share a few from my latest photographic endeavor, which happens to be Jake and Jen's engagements. I love how they turned out, but it totally helps when the couple is adorable too! I had a lot of fun with these, and yes this will be another post on the pic heavy side.