We Heart Crazy Hair Day

The princess has been planning for this day for almost a year now. Let's just say crazy hair day is kind of a big deal around here! This year we went with an octopus themed hairstyle. She really wanted it blue, which I'm not to crazy about (I think it looks a little spider-ish,) but what are you going to do? Even with its dark hue I think it turned out pretty awesome!


Belle and Boo

As much as I love that blanket on the post below, I'm getting a little sick of it being the first post I see when I look at my blog. I figure it is I about time I post something new! The weather here has been pretty lovely lately, and I am excited that Spring is here. There are buds on the trees, tulips and daffodils are blooming, the kids are playing outdoors, and Summer is just around the corner! It's been a little while since I have shared anyone else work, so I'm thinking today I will share some "Spring-y" prints from one of my favorite illustrators- Belle and Boo. Seriously, their work is adorable. Love them!


Bobble Blanket

I'm sure you have all been giddy with anticipation, but it's finally here folks...my Bobble Blanket Pattern! This colorful, textured little blanket is perfect for little ones. It's just the right size for the stroller, car seat, or carrying it around and cuddling.

-U.S. I Hook
-3 skeins of I Love This Yarn! Super Soft for color A
  (or worsted weight yarn of choice)
-1 skein of I Love This Yarn! Super Soft each for colors B, C, D 
  (or worsted weight yarn of choice)       
-Yarn Needle (to sew in ends)
             Finished blanket will approximately measure 30” x 40”, but gauge isn’t particularly
             important for this piece.  

             SC-single crochet
             DC-double crochet
             MB-make bobble
                     To make bobble work 4 open DC (will have 5 loops on hook.) 
                     Yarn over and pull through all 5 loops.

Using Color A Ch 110, turn
Row 1:       working into 2nd ch from hook, SC  1 into each ch , ch1 and turn 
Row 2:       SC 1 into each st across 
Row 3-6:    repeat row 2
Row 7:       SC 6, with color B MB, with color A SC 11, with color C MB, with color A SC 11, 
                   with color D MB, with color A SC 11, with color B MB, with color A SC 11, 
                   with color C MB, with color A SC 11, with color D MB, with color A SC 11, 
                   with color B MB, with color A SC 11, with color C MB, with color A SC 11, 
                   with color D MB, with color A SC 6             
Row 8-18:  repeat Row 2 
Row 19:    SC 12, with color D MB, with color A SC 11, with color B MB, with color A SC 11, 
                   with color C MB, with color A SC 11, with color D MB, with color A SC 11, 
                   with color B MB, with color A SC 11, with color C MB, with color A SC 11, 
                   with color D MB, with color A SC 11, with color B MB, with color A SC 12
Row 20-30:   repeat Row 2
Row 31:        repeat Row 7
Row 32-42:   repeat Row 2
Row 43:        repeat Row 19
Row 44-54:   repeat Row 2
Row 55:        repeat Row 7
Row 56-66:   repeat Row 2
Row 67:        repeat Row 19
Row 68-78:   repeat Row2
Row 79:        repeat Row 7
Row 80-90:   repeat Row 2
Row 91:        repeat Row 19
Row 92-102:  repeat Row 2
Row 103:       repeat Row 7
Row 104-114: repeat Row 2
Row 115:        repeat Row 19
Row 116-126: repeat Row 2
Row 127:        repeat Row 7
Row 128-138: repeat Row 2
Row 139:        repeat Row 19
Row 140-150: repeat Row 2
Row 151:        repeat Row 7
Row 152-162: repeat Row 2
Row 163:        repeat Row 19
Row 164-174: repeat Row 2
Row 175:        repeat Row 7
Row 176-186: repeat Row 2
Row 187:        repeat Row 19
Row 188-193: repeat Row 2
Fasten off

Row 1:   Using Color B SC 1 into each st until you get to corner, 
                SC 3 in corner (repeat 3x) working around blanket
Row 2:  Ch 3, DC 1 into each st around
               Fasten off.  Weave in all ends.

Phew! I know sewing all those ends in wasn't too fun, but that's it. You're done! If you have any questions or need any help along the way, please don't be afraid to ask me! Enjoy!


A Little Robot

It seems that I have had nothing but baby projects to share lately, but here is another one anyways. This cute little robot found a home with my sister's newest little guy, but stay tuned...

I will be posting a free pattern for the blanket that went with him soon!


In Case You've Missed Us

As usual I have been horrible at updating my blog. Since January is almost over, I've decided we've kinda missed the boat on posting what we were up to in December. In case you are still curious though, you might as well head on over here. My sister-in-law did a nice little post that pretty much shows what we were up to. Most of the pictures and activities done would be the same, and I'd hate to be redundant...so I will only copy this picture of the family instead of her entire post.

Maybe we'll expand on some of our December activities at a later date, but for now I'm thinking this is enough!