Boo Banner

We are already getting into the Halloween spirit around here. We pulled out the fall decor today, so I thought I'd share my latest addition to our seasonal decorations. My porch was in need of a little something, so I created this burlap banner to hang above the entrance last year. This was a pretty simple project. All you need is some burlap, acrylic paint, and ribbon. Cut the burlap into the desired shape and size. (I cut  seven 13"x9" triangles for the flags.) Paint your design onto the burlap. Once the paint is dry, sew the ribbon along the top for hanging. That's it! Nothing too crazy--just a little planning! I'm still loving how it turned out. This year it is a little more weathered, but it still looks good. Now, I am thinking maybe I should make a couple of matching striped burlap pillows for the chairs out there.


Better Late than Never

My babies are growing up right before my eyes. The prince had his first day of preschool earlier this month and I'm just now getting around to posting about it. It seems that every time I blink weeks have passed me by. All he needed was a totally awesome batman backpack, and he was ready to go. I on the other hand am just a little bit sad. I must admit it is rather strange for me to have time at home with no children there. I do kinda miss them. They are fun to have around most of the time. I hope they are off having wonderful adventures, and I can't wait to hear about every single one of them.