Autumn in the Mountains

So we went for a drive up in the mountains this past weekend, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous and the air was so fresh! Apparently we have a huge storm coming in tomorrow, so I figured this was my last chance to get any photos of the leaves. It was a little earlier than I would've liked, but we still got some good stuff. The weather was perfect, and it was so good for the kids to be able to go and explore. Here are a few photos of our little adventure.



Rodney Smith Photography

I thought I'd share a few pieces from one of my all-time favorite photographers today. Whenever I need a little inspiration or just want to look at something absolutely exquisite, I know I can count on Rodney Smith.  He is a true artist, and his work totally speaks for itself, so I will keep it short and simple today, Enjoy!


Jenna Lyon's House Tour

Today I was over at Cookie Mag looking at house tours. I love looking at homes and decor. Don't you? For some reason I've always been fascinated seeing how other people live and decorate, and how they make the places they inhabit into their homes. I love to think about how many different types of homes are out there, but even more I love to think about how no two look exactly the same inside. Anyways, as I was browsing through different homes I came across the home of Jenna Lyon, and not surprisingly it was love at first sight. Now for those of you who may not be familiar with the lovely Jenna Lyon, she is the creative genius behind J. Crew and Crewcuts. I absolutely love her stuff, and her house is no exception. Here are a few of my favorites.


The monotone color pallet in these rooms mixed with the little unexpected details are a totally captivating combination. I love the grays paired with blacks and whites, with little splashes of bright colors thrown in. Did you notice the little monster sitting on the yellow couch in the top photo, or the little vintage toy car in the bottom? Those little elements in the rooms almost feel as they don't belong in such sophisticated places, but they complete the spaces. I love nice little surprises in decor, it gives these spaces a personality and makes a place feel more like a home.   


Alright Miss, I Can Take a Hint.

So I wanted to start a little Halloween tradition of having the kid's costumes match. So far its worked splendidly, and in my opinion looks above and beyond cute. I can't explain why, but I think it's just one of those unexpected little details that makes a big impact. Last year they were Little Red Riding Hood and the not so Big Bad Wolf.

Now, I expected this matchings costumes thing to maybe be a problem as they grew older, when they both wanted to be something different. I didn't expect however for that year to come so soon. So this year I came up with the brilliant idea of having them be a lion tamer and the lion. Erika ofcourse the lion tamer and Elliot the lion (because right now lions are one of his favorite things.) So I told the kids my idea and showed Erika different pictures of lion tamers and videos. She wasn't too sure at first, but was definitely warming up to the idea.

So I started planning the costumes since I knew I wouldn't be able to go out and buy a girly child lion taming costume. I thought it that was settled, but she kept mentioning other things she could be, and I could tell her heart just wasn't in it.  She would say things like, "I'll be a lion tamer for you Mommy, but a fairy would be really pretty too." Alright Erika I can take a hint. So we were out shopping one day when we found a bunch of cute costumes for Elliot. They had some lion ones but they looked like they'd be just a little too small, but he did find a ridiculously adorable dragon costume. So I got thinking Erika has been talking about fairies...maybe we will go for a fantasy theme this year.

Again I thought it was settled, sure it wasn't quite as original as my lion tamer and lion idea, but this would work too, and I'm sure we could make it look super cute. My biggest problem would be making the fairy costume warm. And then Erika says, "But I wanted to be a lion tamer!" and then kept talking about all these other costumes she wanted to be. This girl of mine! Alas ladies and gentlemen, Erika has FINALLY decided what she is going to be...

...a ladybug! Now I know what you are thinking, "But that has nothing to do with a dragon." And yes, I know this too. But I couldn't break the girl's heart as she finally decided, and the girl does have good taste. She totally fell in love with it when we were at Pottery Barn the other day. So no matching costumes this year. Sigh. So now I am making a ladybug costume, and will keep you updated with it as we go.

Black Raspberry Cream Pie

I have a small confession to make...I LOVE sweets. Okay its not really a confession, because I don't think anyone is particularly suprised by it. It doesn't matter how delicious and satisfying a meal may be, there is always room for dessert. I saw this photo on the Better Homes and Gardens website for Black Raspberry Cream Pie and I've been craving it since.

Seriously, I can't get it out of the back of my mind. I can not believe how good it looks! I was even more suprised by how simple it looks to make. I'm all about easy recipes because let's face it, I'm no baker. I definitely will need to try this out soon though! Don't fret, if Black Raspberry Cream Pie isn't your thing, there are bunch of other yummy looking pies to try in their All Time Favorite Pies Gallery. There should be something for everyone's taste.


The Ubiquitous "Once Upon a Time..."

So many stories begin with the ubiquitous "Once upon a time..." and usually tell the story of how the princess got her prince, and then conclude with "...and they lived happily ever after." It's a classic story, but it always leaves me wondering what happened in the "happily ever after?" While the story of boy meets girl can be a great one, I consider it to be just another beginning of many more adventures together. And so my story begins...

Once upon a time I met my very own Prince Charming, and we lived happily ever after. Now most of these kind of stories usually end here, but another chapter of my life was just beginning. I've since had a little prince and princess of my own, and am loving every minute with them. I'm obsessed with creativity and am amazed at all of the talent out there. I strive to do something creative everyday through my photography, art, crafts, or however else I feel it needs to be expressed. I try to surround myself with the people and things that I find inspiring and that make me happy. I believe it's the littlest details that make the biggest impact, and one should live their life accordingly. My home does not qualify as a castle, my wardrobe isn't opulent, and my life would not be considered regal (or always happy for that matter.) Nonetheless, these are things that I love, this is still my "happily ever after," and I think it deserves to be shared.

My blog is a reflection of myself. These are the stories and images of my adventures along the way, whether it's my latest experiment in the kitchen, drooling over a new catalog, or the family's next excursion. This is somewhere to share my newest inspirations and creations, or whatever other random details are asking to be shared at the moment. I want this to be an inspiring, appealing, entertaining and welcoming little sanctuary on the web. Sometimes it seems that happy endings are hard to come by. Basically, I want this to be a blog that focuses on those details in my life that put the happily in our "happily ever afters," and inspires others to do the same.