Owl Baby Gift Set

Let me start out by saying I don't do gender neutral. Everything looks either boyish or girlish to me. So when my cousin informed they were expecting their first and they wanted to wait to find out what it is, let's just say I was hoping they'd change their mind.  I have so many ideas for girl gifts or boy gifts, but zero that would work for either. I even contemplated making two different gifts and sending whichever one once I knew if it's a boy or girl. I ultimately decided against that though, because I want to send it before the baby is born (and that is a lot of work.). I'm not even going to tell you how many different shoes I made before deciding on these ones. (I can count at least four.) Here is what I finally came up with. Not sure how gender neutral it is, but I hope they like it.

Here is a better picture of the shoes. I embroidered "HOOT" on each sole.

So I beg of you, please, PLEASE find out what you are having for my sanity's sake!


  1. Will you be able to teach me how to make the hat and shoe? I think it is sooooo cute.

  2. Shut up. Seriously, shut up. Why don't you set up shop? You are that good. You are better than that good. Why weren't we friends when I had babies? Wow. I am just so impressed and i can't believe I didn't know you had such skills! And honestly...Etsy...AT LEAST!

  3. yb- Thanks! I made it up as I went, but I'm pretty sure I could teach you if you want to learn.

    Alysha- You are too nice! You just need to have more babies, so I can make you something. :)