Bridals Preview

So I had to shoot bridals in a blizzard last Saturday. Why it had to snow that day, and only that day (the days surrounding it were beautiful) I will never know. My guess is someone up there likes to stress me out, but we persevered and shot anyways. I'm still a little disappointed that we couldn't go to our other locations and the light was killing me, but we really did get some beautiful shots. It helps when you have a gorgeous bride and groom (and little flower girl!) There will be more to come after the reception (the bride wants the ones she uses to be a surprise--and since her readers could easily stumble over here, I will post with caution.) So let this give you a taste of what is to come if you will, and I will post my favorites later!


  1. She's so beautiful! Where can I see more of the shoot?

  2. I'll try and be patient 'til after the reception! Tell her congratulations for me!

  3. You are right...she is so pretty. These aren't even the best (these are just the ones that were safe to use because she's already used them or I knew she wouldn't,) but I will definitely post my favs after her reception.