Penguins, Poodles and Dragons...Oh My!

This last Friday we went to the aquarium (which is the closest we get to see ocean life here in the middle of Utah.) They just got in a new penguin exhibit, and we loved it! All the cute little penguins were so active and fun to watch. Apparently, it got my little princess thinking...she has decided she needs a penguin, poodle and a dragon (we also went and saw How to Train Your Dragon) for pets. She assures us that this is the perfect combination of pets and they won't be any trouble at all.  Really she is so thoughtful and practical! She has it all arranged, really she's thought of it all. She knows where they will stay, what they will eat, what they will do all day. She isn't even worried about the dragon eating the other pets or burning the house down, because she has informed us she is an excellent trainer and her pets will always be on their best behavior. I must admit I wasn't aware that she had any experience training dragons--or any animal for that matter! See what our kids are capable of -- I must say that I have grossly underestimated them. So if any of you have an extra penguin, poodle, or dragon on your hands, please let me know because we may be interested.

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