I'm Still Here

After about a year of neglect, I decided it was about time to get back to my blog. I’ve had a few people out there ask where I went and if everything is alright. We are all here and doing well, we have just been busy. Honestly, I have thought long and hard about whether or not to say farewell to my blog for good. I just couldn’t decide if blogging was a waste of my time. After a long hiatus I have decided that I’ve really missed it. I need somewhere I can document what is going on with my family, keep track of all my constant inspirations, and share my latest projects, and a blog is as good of a place as any other. While I probably should have a separate blog for each of these things, I’m awful enough at one blog; I don’t think I could manage multiple ones.  I figure this is probably more reflective of me anyways.  So please come in and stay while, and be sure to come and visit often!

Image over at Real Simple. Sadly this house isn't mine, but a girl can dream.

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