Alright Miss, I Can Take a Hint.

So I wanted to start a little Halloween tradition of having the kid's costumes match. So far its worked splendidly, and in my opinion looks above and beyond cute. I can't explain why, but I think it's just one of those unexpected little details that makes a big impact. Last year they were Little Red Riding Hood and the not so Big Bad Wolf.

Now, I expected this matchings costumes thing to maybe be a problem as they grew older, when they both wanted to be something different. I didn't expect however for that year to come so soon. So this year I came up with the brilliant idea of having them be a lion tamer and the lion. Erika ofcourse the lion tamer and Elliot the lion (because right now lions are one of his favorite things.) So I told the kids my idea and showed Erika different pictures of lion tamers and videos. She wasn't too sure at first, but was definitely warming up to the idea.

So I started planning the costumes since I knew I wouldn't be able to go out and buy a girly child lion taming costume. I thought it that was settled, but she kept mentioning other things she could be, and I could tell her heart just wasn't in it.  She would say things like, "I'll be a lion tamer for you Mommy, but a fairy would be really pretty too." Alright Erika I can take a hint. So we were out shopping one day when we found a bunch of cute costumes for Elliot. They had some lion ones but they looked like they'd be just a little too small, but he did find a ridiculously adorable dragon costume. So I got thinking Erika has been talking about fairies...maybe we will go for a fantasy theme this year.

Again I thought it was settled, sure it wasn't quite as original as my lion tamer and lion idea, but this would work too, and I'm sure we could make it look super cute. My biggest problem would be making the fairy costume warm. And then Erika says, "But I wanted to be a lion tamer!" and then kept talking about all these other costumes she wanted to be. This girl of mine! Alas ladies and gentlemen, Erika has FINALLY decided what she is going to be...

...a ladybug! Now I know what you are thinking, "But that has nothing to do with a dragon." And yes, I know this too. But I couldn't break the girl's heart as she finally decided, and the girl does have good taste. She totally fell in love with it when we were at Pottery Barn the other day. So no matching costumes this year. Sigh. So now I am making a ladybug costume, and will keep you updated with it as we go.

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