Wreath Wrap-up

There seems to be a trend lately in the blogoshpere with wreaths (and not just any wreaths--wreaths you can make yourself!) I love wreaths and have a different one for every season. I think they make my front door much more inviting and welcoming. My problem--I don't have one for winter! The time of year when I want my front door to look especially inviting and festive, and also the time of year when my piggybank seems rather empty. Finding a beautiful wreath isn't complicated, but for some reason actually purchasing one is for me. I feel guilty spending money on something like a wreath with the holiday season fast approaching. I feel like I should be spending that money on a gift for a loved one, or I think of all these people who are struggling to meet their most basic needs, and all of a sudden spendng that money on a wreath seems frivolous. (Please tell me that I'm not the only one who has these sorts of thoughts while shopping.) Well now I can have my wreath with a clean conscience because of all of the DIY wreath inspiration I've seen lately.

I found this monogram wreath over at Desin*Sponge. I'm loving all the possibilities with this!

I found the instructions for this festive little beauty over at the CB2 blog.

Holly over at Decor8 did such a wonderful job with her yarn wreath, and I totally want one of my own.

I've completely fallen for this book page wreath, and Lindsay has posted such a fabulous tutorial on her blog Living with Lindsay.

Thank you all you super talented and creative people for the inspiration and the instructions to go along with it! Now I just need to figure out which wreath I'm going to make. Do you think it's too much to make all of them and just switch them out every week, or maybe I can hang one in every room? Hmmm...I'm so bad at making decisions.

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