Alice Inspired

I just finished reading Adventures of Alice in Wonderland again, and thought I'd share some Alice inspired finds with you today.  I love so many classic children's novels, but Alice has got to be one of my favorites. Not only is the story is over-the-top creative, but it inspires so many beautiful things. Here are a few of my latest favorites...

Who wouldn't want to sit down and eat with this Alice in Wonderland Dinnerware featuring the classic Tenniel illustrations? This set can be found over at Fishs Eddy.

I'm also loving this Alice Toile Laptop bag also based on the Tenniel illustrations. This bag is designed by BabaLaptopbags over at Etsy. Absolutely gorgeous!

Or how about the creations of Vincent Thomas Leman found over at Dust Furniture? They're absolutely stunning and totally make me think of something you'd find in Wonderland.

I'm also loving this Alice Series print by The Black Apple, also found over at Etsy. Love, Love, Love this artist's work!

I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more Alice inspired things in the near future with  Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie coming out soon. Can't wait to see where he takes it! I love seeing how one little story can inspire so many different people and things.


  1. oh my god, i have long loved alice, and can't get over your finds!

  2. Thanks! I've always loved everything Alice too.