Monster Mingle

So I absolutely adore cute monsters anytime of the year, but I thought now was as good of time as any to share some of my favorite monsters--especially since most people think of monsters most around this time of year. These may not be the most frightening monsters, because let's face it-- that is the last thing I need in this house, but they are guaranteed to bring smiles upon the faces of young and old alike. How fun would it be to get a loved one a non-sugary Halloween treat that can last all year long?!  

The little creatures above are from Uglydolls. They are also being sold at Garnet Hill right now and really are the perfect accessory to their monster kids room.

These colorful little guys are the wonderful creations of Jennifer Strunge over at Cotton Monster. Each monster is a one of a kind made from recycled textiles.

Now if you have some knitting skills and feel like making a little monster friend of your own, you need to stop by the DangerCrafts Shop over at Etsy. Her knitting patterns are simply adorable!

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